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Discover what's around the corner for The Sanctum and join us in our excitement for 2023!


We are transitioning into a fully fledged medical clinic very soon. With that comes our big plans for a minor surgeries unit.


Our clinical team have already completed extensive training and currently perform minor surgery procedures for the NHS.


In the coming months we will be offering; mole removal, cyst removal, debridement, laparoscopy, biopsy and more!

As many of the above procedures are no longer covered by the NHS, we are excited to bring some highly competitive and quality pricing for the procedures.

Surgical Scissors
Blood test


Partnering with a local testing laboratory, we are excited to offer fully comprehensive blood testing.

We will be able to analyse deficiencies within each patient, test liver and kidney function, approve loading doses for treatments and deficiencies, test removals from minor surgeries and test allergies.

The tighter things become throughout the NHS, having a local, reliable clinic to be able to have peace of mind surrounding your health is a real goal here at The Sanctum.

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