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We are passionate about ensuring our mums-to-be are able to care for their own skin whilst they grow and nurture their baby. During pregnancy many women experience issues such as acne, broken capillaries, spider veins and pigmentation, all of which can make our pregnant mums feel a little uncomfortable in their skin.

Safe skincare options can also be quite overwhelming when you are pregnant or breastfeeding, so we have created a specific menu to ensure that our mums-to-be are relaxed, rested and able to safely maintain their skin glow throughout the duration of their pregnancy and into their postpartum journey.

In-clinic treatments as many new mums will quickly find out, some of their favourite treatments may be off the table for a while until they’ve given birth or finished breastfeeding. Popular beauty treatments such as IPL and PRP are considered unsuitable during pregnancy, simply because no safety testing has been undertaken for ethical reasons.

Bronze - The care package

Get a bespoke skincare product range, tailored to your specific skin type and requirements. Due to many changes during pregnancy, such as hormones, our skin needs protecting and taken care of more than ever. 

We have put together the perfect package of medical grade skincare products that will help exfoliate, hydrate and protect your skin during pregnancy.

Package includes; Cleanser, Moisturiser, SPF, Scrub and a free lip balm.

Pregnancy skin care

Silver - Treat & Protect

Combining in house skin treatments and medical grade skin products, we have put together the perfect treatment plan for during your pregnancy. 

Taking care of your ever changing skin complexion is vital during pregnancy months. 

Join us for a facial and take home a cleanser and moisturiser.

Gold - Full Protection

We have sat down as a team and discussed in detail what would be the ideal treatments and products during pregnancy. Each team member has contributed their own experiences which has led us to a carefully crafted Gold package just for you.

Indulge in relaxing massage, treat your skin, protect from damage. 

Join us for a full body massage, facial, LED therapy and take home a cleanser and moisturiser.

chemical peel
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Postpartum Treatment

Protection and treatment doesn't stop once you've given birth. 

All of the above packages are relevant and beneficial for any time in your process, pregnant or postpartum. Following pregnancy many women experience vaginal dryness, discomfort and change in shape.

Vaginal rejuvenation can not only correctively construct/ reconstruct but also, change a lack of vaginal tightness and urinary incontinence.

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