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Scar Revision

Make unwanted scars less visible

  • 30 minutes
  • 1,295 British pounds
  • King Street

Service Description

Scar revision is a treatment to reduce the appearance of scars, which are marks left on your skin after wounds heal. The goal of scar revision is to help your scar more closely match the color and texture of your surrounding skin. But it won’t completely eliminate your scar. Scar revision is usually cosmetic, but sometimes, severe scars are painful or make it hard for your body to function. Anyone who has an unwanted scars may consider scar revision. Some common reasons for scarring include: Acne. Burns, either from accidents or radiation therapy. Cesarean birth (C-section). Cleft lip repair surgery. Cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. Piercings. Skin infections. Traumatic injuries. Some scars require layered closure. Layered closure is often used where excision extends to tissue below the skin surface or in areas with a high degree of movement. The first step, or layer, requires sub-dermal closure (below the skin surface) with absorbable or non-removable sutures. Layers of closure continue to build, concluding with closure of the remaining surface wound. Advanced techniques in scar revision include complex flap closures and W-plasty or Z-plasty techniques. Flap closures may reposition a scar so that it is less conspicuous or improve flexibility where contracture has restricted mobility. Consultation costs £150.

Contact Details

  • 149 King Street | Cottingham | East Yorkshire | HU16 5QQ


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