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Nose Filler


Here at The Sanctum, we have a strong ethos about enhancing your natural beauty. Natural enhancement will always be the core of the look we achieve for all of our patients. 

There are several reasons people consider getting dermal filler. It could be to reverse the signs of ageing, enhance a facial feature, correct an imbalance or add structure.


As we age, we lose collagen, elasticity of the skin and hyaluronic acid begins to break down, all causing the skin to sag and wrinkle. Dermal filler replaces the lost volume and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a younger, tighter and defined look. 

During your initial consultation, we listen to what look you want to achieve and carefully advise you on the best treatment plan for you. 



Why choose The Sanctum for your Dermal Filler?

We have assembled a team of award winning nurse practitioners with 20+ years experience in Medical Aesthetics. Their work has global recognition and notoriety with practitioners travelling from far and wide to be trained at The Sanctum, our clients travel hundreds of miles for treatments with us. We offer the latest and highest quality dermal filler treatments in Hull and East Yorkshire. Our Clinic Director Kara Huggins is not only a Regional Expert for Vivacy Laboratories Paris but is also on the Medical Board. Patient safety is an absolute priority for us.

Why you should be careful choosing your injector!

While Dermal Filler can be dissolved, injecting the hyaluronic acid based product can still pose serious, irreversible complications. That's why you shouldn't take choosing your injector lightly. Take your time during your consultation to ask questions of your injector and make sure you trust their ability and knowledge. Being accredited by companies such as Save Face is a worthwhile credit to look out for.

Save Face Accredited Company
Lip Filler
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Here's a list of places filler can be injected. Click on each item to be redirected to our store where you can purchase your treatment upfront or over three monthly instalments using Klarna.

Bespoke Dermal Filler Packages are also available for up to 8ml. Click the link above to purchase online. 

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For more information about any of our filler treatments or to book your appointment, please click the graphics below.

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