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Holistic therapies

Holistic therapies focus on a person's physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. Seeking to enhance the body-mind-spirit connection. Using massage and mindfulness practices along with relaxation techniques, our therapist Rachel will ensure your holistic wellbeing is taken care of to the highest standard - lowering stress levels and reducing trauma responses. 

OUR therapist

lotus health & wellbeing

Our registered nurse and holistic therapist Rachel is offering her services within Sanctum Medical every Tuesday. You can book using our booking system, contact her directly or our front desk. 


Instagram: @lotushealth_andwellness

Facebook: Lotus health and wellbeing 



Specialist treatments suitable for anybody living with and beyond cancer. The research is young, but oncology massage can help with pain, cancer-related fatigue, anxiety, and quality of life, and meets evidence-based guidelines for aiding in the relief of depression and mood disorders in women with breast cancer. Massage may also play a role in the prevention of neuropathic pain related to chemotherapy drugs such as Taxol.

Mind, body connection massage also available.

A light and dreamy massage using a gentle touch to help restore balance and harmony using natural and organic products to nourish the skin.

From £30

Rejuvenating Facial

A specialist oncology facial using soothing massage techniques to encourage a state of rest and relaxation.

From £30

Relaxing massage


A heavenly holistic full body massage using tension relieving techniques and bespoke aromatherapy oil combinations.



A bespoke massage of the legs and feet designed to release muscle tension and help relax and re-energise tired and aching legs. Start your treatment with a foot cleanse and soak. Your massage is followed by an exfoliating scrub. All essential oils used are personally selected to meet each client’s needs.


Back Massage

Back neck & shoulders

This bespoke massage ritual is perfect for those carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Allow your mind to unwind and your muscles to melt whilst those tension areas are taken care of. 


Unwind & reset

Unwind and reconnect with a restful combination of foot, back and face/scalp massage. Taking a holistic approach to tension relief, assisting with relieving chronic pain, stiff joints and tight muscles. 


Pouring Massage Oil

Navel candling

A wonderful warming, gentle and relaxing treatment. Includes a non-invasive holistic lower back and abdominal massage, warm compresses, clay detox mask &navel candling. This treatment is perfect for individuals suffering from digestive or menstrual symptoms or those who have fluid retention issues. A fantastic accompaniment to any weight loss journey.



Can’t find exactly what you want from our bespoke massage menu? 

We can tailor any massage to your individual needs, following a nurse-led consultation.

From £40

Aromatherapy Massage
Cupping Therapy


A light suction provides an effective form of deep tissue massage. This boosts blood circulation and provides a negative, uplifting pressure. Cupping can be used in addition to more traditional massage techniques. Massage oils allow the cups to seamlessly glide over the affected areas.

Lymphatic drainage massage

Extremely gentle massage technique that is designed to promote the movement of fluid through the lymphatic drainage system, improving the immune system, removing waste and toxins, prompting circulation and perfusion, reducing swelling and water retention, improving healing, scar tissue and cellulite whilst helping to minimise your stress and fatigue.

Face head and neck drainage £40
Abdominal lymph drainage £40
Full body lymph drainage £60
Optional add on of body brushing £5 


We can tailor the lymph massage to suit conditions such as lipid ems and post lymph node removal.


Full body lymph drainage Courses 

6 sessions £300
12 sessions £580

Massage Therapy
Massage Salts

Bamboo massage

This powerful massage delivers stress relief, muscle strengthening and lymphatic drainage. It reactivates circulation and enhances overall flexibility, balance and inner wellness is improved, activating specific reflexology points.


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