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Chemical Peel Season!

As we are getting closer to winter now (cry), we thought we would talk about chemical peels... Chemical peels are a great treatment to have in the winter months as we have less sunlight and UV exposure. After a chemical peel your skin will be very sensitive to sunlight and UV damage, so as we naturally cover up more in the colder months and spend less time in sunlight it's the perfect time for a chemical peel.

It's never too early to be thinking about next summer, in fact now is the right time to start. Chemical peels renew and refresh your skin by removing dark spots, pigmentation and uneven skin tone, likely caused by the summer just gone. We offer a range of medical grade chemical peels, we assess which one suits your skin type and concerns the best. Some are gentle peels which target the top layer of your skin and the higher concentration peels target the deeper layers of your skin.

Our most gentle peel is an Alpha hydroxy acid peel, which is a water soluble peel. Targeting the stratum corneum (the very top layer of your skin) this peel works superficially, helping to remove dead skin cells, even out texture and create a brighter complexion. A Alpha Hydroxy peel has a little downtime, you may experience slight redness for 24 hours and dry skin for numerous days.

Our medium strength peel is a Beta Hydroxy acid peel, which works on the top of the epidermis. This peel contains salicylic acid which is an oil soluble ingredient that penetrates the pores more effectively than the gentle peel. The salicylic acid helps to break down sebum and dirt that clogs your pores, so is a great peel for acne prone skin or people that suffer with oily skin, blackheads or enlarged pores. Likely to experience red and dry skin for 48-72 hours following the treatment.

Last but not least is out strongest peel, which is a TCA peel. A TCA peel has a much stronger peeling agent which targets the deep epidermis. It can help remove pigmentation, brown spots, acne, smooth texture and fine lines and reduces the appearance of large pores. The largest downtime of our chemical peel range as some clients report skin peeling for 10-14 days following the treatment.

As a combination treatment we can also offer a Vivacy Laboratories Paris skin booster alongside any chemical peel treatment. This will help with hydration, pore tightening, boosts collagen and increases hyaluronic acid production. So, as the chemical peel works from the surface of the skin and penetrates through, the skin booster works from the inside and works outwards.

If you would like to know any more information regarding our chemical peels or would like advice regarding your skin concerns. You can book a consultation via the link below, with our specialist skin therapist, who can professionally advise you on the best treatment for you.

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