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World Mental Health Day!

We always strive to provide treatments and an environment at The Sanctum which promote positivity, wellbeing and increase confidence. While there is limited scientific evidence regarding the correlation between aesthetic procedures and their positive impact on mental health, many of our patients report an increase in their confidence and state that the treatment has positively benefitted their lives.

Liquid Rhinoplasty, Non-Surgical Nose Job, Filler Hull, Filler Cottingham

A study lead by Darren J McKeown in 2021 aimed to asses the 'impact of minimally invasive aesthetic procedures on the Psychological and Social Dimensions of Health'. He tested a group of individuals who had no prior experience with aesthetic treatments by giving them a series of psychological, social and appearance related psychological distress tests. Executed both pre treatment and two weeks post treatment. He observed that post treatment, there was a significant improvement in Social Function, Psychological Function and Appearance related distress of all test subjects. See below for the study graph.

While aesthetic procedures may be regarded by many as a minor luxury treatment, for some people it is the first time in their lives that their physical insecurities are altered. Some of our patients have spent a long time with a desire for aesthetic or surgical alterations regarding their insecurities, many of which have been debilitating to their confidence and quality of life. These minor alterations go a long way towards regaining confidence, body positivity and ultimately a positive impact mentally.

Injectable treatments aren't the only treatments that can positively impact your mental health. Skin treatments which reduce acne, improve skin elasticity and reduce the signs of ageing, have noticeably gathered a high return on our customer feedback. Who frequently note that following a treatment such as; Morpheus8, Hydrafacial or Chemical Peel, they have achieved their desired skin complexion and therefore increased their confidence, often returning for another treatment.

Although, aesthetic intervention isn't the answer to all mental health or physical appearance concerns and insecurities. If you are considering an aesthetic treatment, we recommend booking a medical consultation with a qualified nurse practitioner who can appropriately advise you on the correct treatments for your desired goals.

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