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Anti-Ageing Restructing Cream by Vivacy Labatories Paris. Complete anti-ageing skincare treatment.


Firmness - Smoothed Wrinkles - Radiant Skin


POLYSACCHARIDE RICH IN FUCOSE: This sugar is obtained through organic fermentation and acts together with hylauronic acid to hydrate the skin. 


STABILISED ROSMARINIC ACID: Sourced from the plant Melissa officinalis, this ingredient limits the destruction of hyaluronic acid. 


STABILISED POLYDATIN: A genuine booster of the antioxidant response, this ingredient stimulates the skin's natural defences against premature ageing caused by Inflamm'ageing. 


Proven Efficacy

82% Restorative Effect

91% Wrinkles and Fine Lines Smoothed

95% Hydrated, Firmer & Visibly Smoother Skin


50ml Jar

Suitable for all skin types



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